This is not a legacy, this is my Sims 3 story.
Thank you to anybody who has made any of the custom content I feature in this blog.
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This is the Valentine family! They live in a little town with stunning views over the sparkling blue sea.

Cole and Olivia are currently engaged, he proposed to her at the beach! And little Rubie-Rae is a cheeky toddler into exploring everything!

Cole is a celeb and they regularly have the paparazzi bugging them. He also owns a stylish contemporary bar in the town.

They have too much money that they don’t have a clue what to do with it and live a very lucky life with their own Butler Ronnie.Cole is thinking about opening a resort on the beach!

They are due to be wed very soon! They are going to make the venue as special as possible before all their friends come to celebrate with them.

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